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Working Environment

Consider working environment temperature and any movement to and from different temperature environments.

With heat generated in the wearer's head - just where microbiological and bacterial contamination is held in the scalp and hair, it is important to keep worker's cool and comfortable.

This in turn means workers are less likely to fidget with the headwear therefore reducing the identified risk of contamination from hair and scalp borne bacteria.

Look at ABurnet Staycool products for temperature management - ideal for warm, ambient and hot working environments.  


Products featuring Staycool can also be used in cold stores where the thermal pockets retain heat making them comfortable to wear.

If working between cold and warmer temperatures, the headwear will help regulate the temperature of the head making it an ideal choice.

These are more economical than disposables when used with HairGon formula wash and helps save the environment too!

The only company to independently performance test products for Hair Containment