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Target Zero Hair Complaints

Complimentary White Paper-Eliminating Hair Contamination before it becomes a Key Business issue:

 Written by both Professor Barry Stevens FTTS President of The Trichological Society 2014-16 and the University of Bolton, UK with advice from industry experts,

Read the White Paper on Eliminating Hair Contamination and find out:

  • How much and how often hair is naturally shed
  • Why drying hair leads to hair contamination
  • How different head coverings compare for hair containment
  • How to save money on hair converings
  • FREE training posters to train your staff in best practice
  • FREE simple on-line audit tools with instant graphical reporting to pin point where to focus your attention
By reading this guide you wil lbe able to join other food industry profresionals and see your hair contamination fall - keeping hair our of your food.

Click here to download whitepaper.



View our FSMA Guide Here:

The only company to independently performance test products for Hair Containment