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ABurnet's unique moisture management technology for headwear


Unique moisture management technology transports moisture away from the head to evaporate keeping workers cool and comfortable. This in turn reduces fidgeting and the identified associated risk of hair contamination. See our article here

The same fabric construction has thermal properties to help trap air and heat it when cold, making Staycool products ideal for cold-store working.

Staycool is especially beneficial where workers alternate between high and low levels of physical activity or warm and ambient temperatures helping to regulate their body temperature. Again, this reduces fidgeting and the identified associated risk of hair contamination.

 Wearers Found KleenCap Max Cooler to Wear than Mob Caps                                             

The gaps in the non woven material of a mobcap do not allow sufficient air flow to regulate body temperature leaving wearers feeling sticky and clammy (especially around the elastic edge) when working in higher temperature areas or performing higher levels of activity.

KleenCap Max with Staycool technology works like high performance sportswear to regulate the body temperature leaving workers feeling more comfortable than a mob cap. All this for a comparative cost in use with up to 11 x hair containment and 100% saving to landfill (compared to a mobcap).

 Staff find KleenCaps soft and comfortable to wear. They do not have the hard welded joints and heat retention issues associated with mob caps.


Know the facts – make an informed choice. 

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The only company to independently performance test products for Hair Containment