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Why short hair is two times the risk to food safety than long hair

The University of Bolton's statistically valid hair contamination research has proven that when adjusting headwear or fidgeting such as scratching the head, there is a mechanical force that works to push hairs up through a fabric structure. This is true of both woven and knitted structures and particularly of non-woven spun fibre fabrics. This is because the non-woven manufacturing methods of spinning the fibres make it impossible to control the alignment and spacing of the fibres leading to a variable fabric structure with inherent gaps and different densities, allowing hairs to protrude through.

Adjustment and fidgeting increases in frequency when wearers are uncomfortable such as when hot, when undertaking different levels of activity or moving between ambient and hot temperatures.

Short hairs, with their tendency to stand upright, often appear through head coverings more commonly than long hairs and are more easily pushed up through a fabric structure.

In addition, although both long and short hairs are shed equally, shorter hairs are less noticeable to the human eye, making them harder to spot in food.

With independent testing proving that short hairs protrude through headwear twice as much as longer hairs, contrary to popular belief, short hairs present a much greater threat to food safety.


The University of Bolton's statistically valid hair contamination research proves that:  

11 times more hair containment is achieved by wearing ABurnet’s HairTite HiCare HygieNet under a KleenCap-Max compared to using a mob cap alone. This is due to  ABurnet’s twin patent-pending technologies of HairTite which folds and holds hair and KleenCap with HairBarrier technology.

2 times more hair containment is achieved by wearing a same cost HairTite HygieNet as opposed to a 5mm traditional hairnet under a mob cap

4 times more hair containment is achieved by wearing a HairTite HygieNet under a mob cap as opposed to a mob cap worn alone

What are the customer benefits and cost reductions to your business of reducing hair complaints?


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