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Research & Development

The only Company to fund research into how to contain shed hair effectively

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How to remove hair contaminates from your process.

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The only company to develop HairBarrier products with independent performance testing

Research & Development

Working with universities, ABurnet have developed independently tested technical hair containment, HairBarrier and wicking fabrics independently tested to improve your hair containment by up to 11 times and used only in our products. These allow you to improve your hair containment and help grow your business with key retailers. Examples include HairTite HygieNets and KleenCaps. Click here to see our Facts and Research section for the facts.

We have also developed HairGon advanced wash formula additive to dissolve residual hairs allowing economical and eco-friendly re-use of HairBarrier products, developed new products and innovative manufacturing methods, all to give you, our customers and end users, unrivalled value for money products that perform to your requirements.

The only company to independently performance test products for Hair Containment