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ABurnet Ltd - leading the way in recycling initiatives

Recycling with ABurCycle

ABurCycle creates collection systems that find sustainable solutions for hard to recycle or non-recyclable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)


You can now easily recycle your used KleenCaps, Hair Nets and Beard Nets by purchasing Recycling Boxes that include the cost of recycling and shipping the returned material.

Using innovative R&D solutions, the returned KleenCaps, Hair Nets and Beard Nets will be recycled and turned into new, sustainable plastic products.



Sizes available: Small 25cmx25cmx46cm - Medium 30.5cmx30.5cmx84cm - Large 38cmx38cmx100cm.

How it works

Step 1: Call ABurCycle on 01159 445909 to order your Recycling Box for KleenCaps,Hair Nets and Beard Nets

Step 2: Collect the waste stream in a high traffic location using the box provided

Step 3: Once your Recycling Box is full, seal and send back by calling the UPS number on the pre-paid shipping label which is affixed to the box

ABurCycle has Recycling Boxes for KleenCaps, Hair Nets and Beard Nets in stock and ready to ship.

The full cost of the programme is contained in the price of the box. There are no start-up costs.

For further information call ABurCycle on 01159 445 909

ABurCycle maintains a secure supply chain for each waste stream it collects.


The only company to independently performance test products for Hair Containment