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Higher Performance Mob Caps - Do They Work?

Beware ‘higher performance’ mobcaps. We are aware that some companies are marketing mob caps as ‘ultra performance’ without any independent testing or statistical evidence. The fabric in the caps we have seen are simply 25% heavier weight with some being a larger size.

We are aware food companies have had higher levels of hair contamination using these caps. Based on analysis of the product and The University of Bolton’s statistically valid hair contamination research, we believe this is caused by:

  1. The material still has the same random holes which do not contain hair allowing shed hairs to contaminate production.
  2. There is little contact with the surface of the hair meaning shed hairs are not held. In addition, larger size caps of a limp fabric will further reduce surface contact with the hair. Without a uniformly expanding fabric structure, one cap size will not contain hair of different lengths, styles and weights.
  3. The material is simply heavier and therefore hotter to wear. This will lead to workers fidgeting more often with the University of Bolton’s findings demonstrating that this is likely to lead to more shed hairs contaminating production.
  4. Plus as the cap is 67% heavier, landfill will increase by 67%. For a typical factory on a daily change with 500 employees, this will increase from 609 to 1,014Kg every year. All this landfill can be saved using KleenCap.

Do you want the added product cost, reduced hair containment and sharp increase in landfill?

What’s important to you?

36% of the food industry want zero to landfill by 2015

Source: Food Manufacture’s State of the Industry Survey 2013.

Hair is currently the No. 1 contaminate in food. Let’s reduce it now

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The only company to independently performance test products for Hair Containment