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Why leading food processors are choosing same cost metal detectable headwear

With metal detectable variants of both HairTite HygieNets and KleenCaps costing the same as metal free options, ABurnet is seeing leading food processors choose the metal detectable option to increase their due diligence.

Metal detectable options help provide a defence where either slicing or dicing, cutting or mixing operations are undertaken. It has been known for disgruntled employees and agency staff to throw headwear into the food prior to these operations, resulting in small fragments of headwear that cannot easily be seen entering the food chain. This will lead to potentially serious contamination issues with disastrous consequences for both public health and your business.

By using the metal detectable option with in-line metal detectors, a batch of contaminated product would be identified and could be quarantined for further analysis thereby safeguarding product and brand integrity. This will protect the customer relationship.

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