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Is Long Hair Properly Covered?

Check that longer hair is fully contained at the rear nape and that long hair is put in a bun and not tied in a ponytail. This will contain the hair better.

Audits in many food processors have highlighted that longer hair often escapes head coverings at the nape of the neck where it is out of sight. In addition, mob caps worn on there own have been known to tear where the headcovering is stretched over the bun and has high friction. This mechanical force is increased when adjusting headwear and is likely to lead to more hairs protruding through single layer head coverings at the bun.

In response to this need, ABurnet have developed blue HairTies and Bun Nets, both with same cost metal detectable options.

Both HairTies and Bun Nets offer high visibility. The HairTie helps hold the bun while the bun net reduces the incidents of hairs poking through the outer head covering due to the mechanical forces noted above.

Same cost metal detectable options aid your due diligence where slicing, dicing, mixing or cutting operations are used and help safeguard you against the known malicious actions of some staff.

Please visit our product page here to read more about HairTite HairTies and Bun nets

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