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New patent pending 'fold and hold' recoiling structure

HairTite HygieNets

Independent research conducted for ABurnet at The University of Bolton, England found that:

  1. Hairs are often pushed up through head coverings due to the mechanical forces applied when fidgeting with head coverings such as when adjusting them or scratching the head. This fidgeting increases in frequency when wearers are uncomfortable eg: when hot
  2. Shorts hairs, with their tendency to stand upright, often appear through head coverings more commonly
  3. Therefore all hair, both short and long need to be folded over to lie flat against the head. This reduces the incidents of hairs poking through fabrics
  4. Hairs will poke through all fabric structures due to the inherent needle gaps in woven and knitted structures. However, it has been proven that this is more likely in nonwoven spun fibre fabrics such as those used in mob caps. This is because the fibres are randomly spun with no precise control possible.
  5. Two layers, where the inner layer expands and contracts greatly to hold the hair flat, whatever the head size, shape and hair style, combined with an outer layer to grip and hold any protruding hairs are 10 times more effective than using 1 single layer.

The unique patent pending design of HairTite is constantly working to hold the head of hair and hold hairs flat to contain hair styles of all lengths.

At independent tests HairTite Standard performs under a mob cap:

  • 2 x better retention than a same cost 5mm traditional mesh hairnet
  • 4 x better retention than without a hairnet

HairTite HiCare performs under a mob cap:

  • 2 x better retention than a same cost 3mm traditional mesh hairnet
  • 5 x better retention than without a hairnet

At independent tests HairTite HiCare performs:

  • 11 times better hair containment when worn under KleenCap-Max as opposed to a mob cap worn alone

Please click on the name to visit our product page for HairTite Standard and HairTite HiCare

HairTite                                                    5mm TRADITIONAL MESH HAIRNET

HairTite Close up                                    Standard Hairnet close up

Pictures courtesy of International Food Hygiene Magazine

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