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Allows economical re-use of ABurnet's technically advanced Hair Barrier products, helping you to reduce your environmental impact


HairGon Dissolves Residual Hairs!

KleenCap Before

KleenCap After 

 In tests executed by The University of Bolton, England overseen by Professor Subhash Anand MBE – Professor of Technical Textiles Comp Ti; CText FTI; BSc; MSc Tech; PHd Institute for Materials Research and Innovation, HairGon was found to dissolve all residual hairs during washing of KleenCap.

 See for yourself! Ask for your free HairGon demonstration!

New patent pending wash additive - dissolves residual hair during wash for clean, hair-free, environmentally friendly re-use of technical HairBarrier products.

This can be used with approved product such as ABurnet’s technical HairBarrier  products (such as KleenCap) that have a positive attraction and gripping feature to help contain shed hair.

Compared to the non-biodegrading disposable mob cap, re-using technically advanced performance products with HairGon will have a significant impact in reducing landfill mass and CO2 emissions within the food processing industry.

If all 500,000 UK employees converted from mob cap to KleenCap, it has been independently calculated to save 948 tons of crude oil, over 4,954 tons of CO2 and over 603 tons of landfill each and every year.

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The only company to independently performance test products for Hair Containment