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Consider Hair Styles

Check employee's with short hair styles

  • Short hair is proven to be 2 times more likely to protrude up through fabric structures
  • Hair needs to be folded flat and held to help contain hair
  • Do employee's gel down any spiky hair styles to avoid hairs protruding through the headwear?
  • HairTite HygieNets are proven 2 times more effective than 5mm traditional mesh hairnets and 4 times more effective than a mob cap worn alone

Check employee's with longer hair styles

  • Is it tied back securely?
  • Does the headwear cover all the hair?
  • Does it ride up exposing hair to fall out - particularly at the nape of the neck which you cannot see?
  • Does the headwear let hair protrude through the fabric?
  • Due to friction, hair bun's create a significant threat to hair contamination. This can be reduced by using ABurnet's HairTite HairTies and Bun Nets with same cost metal detectable options for improved due diligence 

Wearing 2 layers of headwear are 100% more effective than 1 single layer and provides the best defence. Check out ABurnet's HairTite HygieNets - independently tested and proven to perform under a mob cap:

  • 2 x better retention than a 5mm traditional mesh hairnet
  • 4 x better retention than without a hairnet

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The only company to independently performance test products for Hair Containment