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The industry leading balled Hairnet Dispenser allows hair nets and beard nets to be dispensed one by one avoiding product to tangle whilst dispensing.

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The only company to develop HairBarrier products with independent performance testing

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Covid-19 Update

It is a scary time for everyone at the moment amidst Covid-19. Firstly we would like to wish everyone well in these turbulent times, please stay safe and if possible stay home. As suppliers of key hygiene PPE to the food industry we are currently still open so we can provide our customers with the necessary HACCP International Certified hair and beard restraints (Source:  However, we have taken a number of steps to protect both our staff and products as well as ensure our supply is still there for customers.

Over the past months we have ensured we have over stocked on our finished goods so that they are ready at any point to go out the door to a customer. Aburnet also hold our raw material so we can continue to manufacture products in the event of any supply chain difficulties. Having stock has also meant we have be able to comfortably deal with staff absences, child care arrangements and being ables to work with reduced staff hours.

Above all the safety of our employees is paramount, this is why although we are still in production we have introduced a number of measures to protect staff. Every staff member is at least 2 meters apart from the colleague, extra PPE has been provided to staff and we ensure staff adhere to our stringent hygiene procedures we have put in place. We have also introduced a new cleaning regime that ensure all offices and machinery gets cleaned at regular intervals during the day. Finally, we have seen that every staff member has been reminded of the importance of hand washing and providing instructions across the company on how this is done effectively.

We continue to provide the necessary products to the food industry, but we are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and will always follow government advice. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or need any products that you think we can supply.

The only company to independently performance test products for Hair Containment