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From Four to Zero Hair Complaints Per Week

Working with a leading sandwich manufacturer for a major retail multiple, ABurnet formed a project team to review hair containment products.

The team consisted of members of the food company’s staff from production through to management together with ABurnet’s technical and design staff.

This project team developed bespoke headwear answering both the needs of the food company and their staff.

ABurnet learned about the food industries requirements and the need for constant supervision to ensure high standards of hair containment. This was the inspiration for the HairBarrier Tools which led to this remarkable improvement in hair containment.

“By using ABurnet’s free HairBarrier Tools, you too can engage your staff to get buy-in and in conjunction with ABurnet’s technically proven HairBarrier products, get closer to the industry goal of zero hair contamination”.


Note: We respect the confidentiality requirements of individual food processing companies and therefore do not reveal any names or sources.

The only company to independently performance test products for Hair Containment