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How to promote correct wear guidance at point of issue

Posted by Jack Beeston Friday 08 October 2021

The industry leading balled Hairnet Dispenser allows hair nets and beard nets to be dispensed one by one avoiding product to tangle whilst dispensing

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Save the environment, please your workers, help your customers

Posted by Tuesday 27 October 2015

36% of the food industry want zero to landfill by the end of 2015, here at ABurnet we can help you achieve this.

If all 500,000 UK employees converted from mob cap to KleenCap, i948 tons of crude oil, over 4,954 tons of CO2 and over 603 tons of landfill each year. Compared to the non-biodegrading disposable mob cap, ABurnet’s innovative KleenCap can be reused after washed using wash additive “HairGon”. The patent pending wash additive dissolves residual hair for clean, hair free environmentally friendly head coverings.

Not only will you be making the environment a little happier by using ABurnet’s products - but your workers too. Employees have reported a significantly higher comfort after using the KleenCap, praised for its comfort and softness - this consequent reduction in fidgeting also assisting in lower hair contamination. 

And finally, we’ll assist you in making your customers happier. increasing hair containment up to 11 times using our HACCP approved products, will mean less complaints and happier consumers. Our KleenCap has even assisted a food processing site achieve a gold grade award - what’s not to like?

Did you know, that as part of our service we offer free compliance tools and training material? It’s all part of the ABurnet service, we understand that hair containment not just about the products but crucially about the people the employees who wear our products together with the practices they follow.

It’s simple, use our products, and help the environment, your workers, and your business. See the results for yourself and get in touch to receive some free samples, click here

The only company to independently performance test products for Hair Containment