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How to promote correct wear guidance at point of issue

Posted by Jack Beeston Friday 08 October 2021

The industry leading balled Hairnet Dispenser allows hair nets and beard nets to be dispensed one by one avoiding product to tangle whilst dispensing

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Metal Detectable Hairnets

Posted by Thursday 14 November 2019

Did you know that all Aburnet’s world leading hair containment solutions are available in a ferrous metal detectable option at the same cost as metal free. Metal detection can be key as there is a risk that headwear could enter food processing equipment such as grinders, slicers, knives etc. Whether accidental or due to malicious intent of dis-engaged employees, headwear cut into smaller pieces could contaminate food without visual detection. As well as being visually unappealing to a consumer this could also present a choking hazard and impact your brand from any subsequent negative press.

Our products can still be detected within food packed in aluminium trays and foils. We always recommend you test the calibration of metal and X-ray equipment and regularly monitor and record this verification to provide evidence of your due diligence. Our patented products are certified by HACCP International and have been proven by industry to reduce hair complaints by up to 82%. HairTite’s patented design folds and holds hair along the hair shaft so that all loose and severed hair is contained. HairBarrier products feature StayCool technology to both ensure comfort and aid hair containment by reducing a workers tendancy to fidgit which can increase the contamination risk.

For more information on our whole range metal free and metal detectable products get in touch and we will be happy to advise on the best product for your environment. We can also provide help and support to train staff to wear the product correctly as when worn in the right way our products have been proven by industry to reduce hair complaints by over 80%.

The only company to independently performance test products for Hair Containment