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Why do we wear hairnets?

Posted by Monday 23 July 2018

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A question that many employees and the general public often ask. While there are numerous reasons why we have to wear hair nets and accessories the answer is quite simple. Ask yourself how would you feel if you found somebody else’s hair in your food?

The common reaction is that it creates a sickening feeling for the consumer and immediately puts them of the product. In today’s world if you are unimpressed by a product or service then it is common for customers to vent their frustrations across social media which can have a damaging effect on a brand and is currently happening for many businesses.

But a customer being offended isn’t the only reason we wear hair nets as there is a health risk. President of the Trichological Society 2014 - 2016 Professor Barry Stevens FTTS states “Hand contact with the scalp is more likely to be a potential cross vector of pathogens such as Staphylococcus Aureus commonly found on the scalp of people with good personal hygiene. Therefore a complete head hair covering is recommended.”

On average a person can shed between 13-43 hairs from the scalp during an 8 hour period. Combine this with beard and other facial hair then that number is significantly increased and the risk is quite substantial especially when you think about the number of people working in that environment.

So that is why we should contain hair when handling food; not only is it a disgusting thought for a consumer, a risk to a business’s reputation, but there is also a bacterial risk that needs to be avoided. The BRC states that hair restraints should fully contains all scalp hair to prevent product contamination that includes snoods for beards and moustaches, where required, to prevent product contamination. 

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