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How to promote correct wear guidance at point of issue

Posted by Jack Beeston Friday 08 October 2021

The industry leading balled Hairnet Dispenser allows hair nets and beard nets to be dispensed one by one avoiding product to tangle whilst dispensing

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Effective & Sustainable Hair Containment

Posted by Thursday 27 February 2020

We now all know that our HACCP International certified products feature patented fold and hold technology that was developed with the University of Bolton ensures hair is held flat along the hair shaft and stays in contact with the hairnet, key to containing hair. Moreover, the products’ fabric structure allows the net to expand and contract so it correctly fits any hair type, size or volume. Lastly, each product includes the necessary elastic power to hold the restraint at the all-important edge where loose hair can escape.

Our evidence shows that companies using our products have reduced the number of complaints they receive about hair contamination by more than 80% when compared with the previous products they used. It all comes down to wearing a product that is effective at containing hair, ensuring you have the correct product for your environment and making sure staff are applying products correctly. We also provide free training resources such as schematic ‘how to wear’ posters to aid workers whatever language they speak. We also offer auditing tools so that management can monitor compliance.

Recycling Hair Containment

Under normal circumstances no hair restraint can ever be re-used. However, with the increasing concern for our environment and businesses’ desire to reduce their carbon footprint, our KleenCaps were developed to be re-used safely. Thanks to the use of the specially developed HairGon wash formula, residual hair found in the caps are safely dissolved away during the wash process, so that KleenCaps can be safely used up to 16 times.

If all half a million food industry workers in the UK re-used KleenCaps with HairGon, 555 tonnes of crude oil and over 2,900t of carbon dioxide would be saved each year compared with mob caps. They are already used by enlightened food companies. “We love the KleenCaps – they’re more effective at containing head hair than all the other disposables hairnets we’ve tried, and we like the fact that they can be reused in this ever more disposable world,” says Katherine Spencer, Technical Manager at Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company.

The food and drink industry is increasing its demand for more environmentally friendly products. To assist this Aburnet has reduced the amount of single-use plastics it consumes and started using more eco-friendly substitutes such as cardboard. Moreover, HairTite material can be recycled by the user and KleenCaps can be used as industrial wiping cloths or recycled.

For more information on our whole product range or a free site audit to review your current process get in touch today.

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