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Posted by Jack Beeston Friday 08 October 2021

The industry leading balled Hairnet Dispenser allows hair nets and beard nets to be dispensed one by one avoiding product to tangle whilst dispensing

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I Spy KleenCap's In Use

Posted by Thursday 25 April 2019

Over Easter we paid a visit to one of our customers that use our KleenCap products to see how they were getting on. It was great to see some of our products in use and get some feedback direct from the users

Speaking to the staff at the frozen food manufacturer they all loved the comfort aspect of the KleenCap. The StayCool technology, that wicks moisture away from the head really helps them feel cool and comfortable. When visiting the establishment we were keen to see how effective they were at wearing the products correctly. Overall our free training and advice posters in the changing area were working as staff were correctly wearing the product with all of their hair contained. But to ensure the standard continues we left some how to wear guides and explained how staff can help each other using the "Buddy-Up" system to make sure they have hair at the back and sides contained.

In case you didn’t know our KleenCap products have been proven to reduce complaints by over 80% and like many of our patented products are certified by HACCP International. One of the main reason businesses love our KleenCap products is because they are washable up to 15 times with our specialist wash formula HairGon. This dramatically reduces the cost in use of the product.

As more and more businesses grow concerned about their environmental impact the more appealing a product like KleenCap becomes. Being reusable and robust the product if 500,000 food industry workers re-used KleenCaps this could save 90% of landfill mass, 555 tons of crude oil and over 2,900 tons of CO2 will be saved per year compared to mob caps. Furthermore, once they have reached the end of their life as hair containment they can be re used afterwards as wipers and cloths, giving them an extra life.

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KleenCaps In use

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