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Posted by Jack Beeston Tuesday 19 June 2018

An effective hair net should contain hair correctly no matter what style, volume or hair type.

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Make Finding Hair In Your Food A Thing Of The Past

Posted by Thursday 19 October 2017

Reducing Contamination By 80%

Images of hair contaminating food is a common occurrence across social media even products produced by well know companies. It can be extremely brand damaging. Aburnet exist today because we strive to protect food from contamination, by working with the University of Bolton we developed the best method of containing hair.

We created a variety of products that are designed for different environments, when looking at food service and preparation we developed the HairTite Lite HiCare a HACCP International certified product that contains hair by folding it flat against the scalp. Ideal for these environments as it is lightweight, affordable, cool, and comfortable. The product helps you meet the standards set by the BRC.

HairTite Lite Hicare products have been proven to contain 70% more than a Honeycomb net and 82% more than a Mob cap which is one of the most common forms of hair containment, According to Professor Subhash Anand MBE, Professor of Technical Textiles, University of Bolton. “Non-woven materials such as those used in mob/bouffant caps should not be used as hair barrier fabrics. Due to the fabrics rigidity, it will neither hold the head of hair or grip hair that protrudes through. Making it a totally unsuitable material.”.

Already used by major companies and recognisable brands across the globe HairTite Lite HiCare have been proven to be effective in use. Staff find them much more comfortable, meaning they are much more willing to wear them.  To help you comply to the relevant standards take a look at our complete training module put together by industry experts.

For any further information on hair science and contamination or product details please get in touch.

HACCP Cert Hairnet

The only company to independently performance test products for Hair Containment