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Hairnets - Do I Need Them?

Posted by Jack Beeston Friday 26 January 2018

Do you need to wear a hairnet? How do you know which one to use?

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Hair Contamination In The Food Service Sector

Posted by Tuesday 13 June 2017

Contamination Is Still Happening

Hair is contaminating food far to often especially when simple measures can be put in place. Make reducing hair contamination a priority. The BRC states hair nets should "fully contains all scalp hair to prevent product contamination this includes snoods for beards and moustaches, where required."
Section 7.4 .2 – personnel

Aburnets new HairTite Lite HiCare nets are HACCP international certified & reduce complaints by <80%. We provide guidance of how to implement them effectively, as well as free training & audit tools. It's really that simple. They have been proven to hold 70% more hair than Honeycomb nets & 82% more than Bouffant/Mob caps.

In the food service industry it is important to stress that Baseball caps alone DO NOT contain hair effectively. Demonstrate compliance by using a HACCP certified hair net underneath a baseball cap which is essential to protect the food.Why risk your business’s reputation by letting these images appear on social media? Save your business time and money by adopting an effective product.
We are already one of the worlds leading supplier of hair containment solutions so join other companies like yours in reducing hair complaints.
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The only company to independently performance test products for Hair Containment