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Eliminating Food Contamination

Posted by Rob Singh Tuesday 17 November 2020

Recent media coverage has highlighted the damage that a non-conformance or gap in your quality control system can have to a company’s reputation.

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Hair Restraints For The Food Industry

Posted by Wednesday 14 March 2018

HACCP International have certified our hair nets which have been proven to contain hair effectively. More than that these products are comfortable to wear which is key to prevent contamination – Find out why.

 An effective hair restraint will have the power in its elastic to ensure all hair is comfortably contained to prevent adjustment. The elastic must have the correct amount of power:

  • Too much and the product will irritate the user causing them to fidget and become frustrated

  • Too little and hair will fall out the gaps and the net will move during the shift which will result in more hair becoming loose

A Comfortable, Effective One Size Fits All Product

The University of Bolton England found a correctly fitting hair restraint should hold hair flat against the scalp with numerous contact points. It should not balloon and have air pockets. Unlike standard knitted, woven and nonwoven products which all allow hair through.

To guarantee that a universal size fits correctly a hair net should feature a light recoiling structure that adapts to any hair style or length.

Forget You’re Wearing One

Commonly used products such as Bouffant caps weaken with sweat and moisture and become hot and uncomfortable and more likely to break. Effective products should be breathable, cool and comfortable. Staff should not be tempted to fidget as abrasion on the head increases the risk of contamination. If the wearer touches the scalp this can transfer bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus.

Ensure Staff Are Trained Correctly

It is key that staff wear the product correctly so it contains all the hair and is comfortable to wear. Using mirrors and a “Buddy Up” system where staff pair up to check each other’s net is on correctly helps ensure you’re compliant. Best practice posters and wear guides in staff areas also help engage and remind staff to wear the product correctly.

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