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Comfortable Hair Nets Are Key

Posted by Friday 09 August 2019

It is really essential that staff are comfortable when wearing any form of hair containment. This is because if a user is uncomfortable it increases their tendency to itch, involuntarily touch the scalp and fidget with their headwear. This in turn can move the covering and let loose hairs fall out into the product.

With this in mind Aburnet designed all of our products so they are comfortable to wear, so much so that often users forget they are wearing a covering.

We make our products comfortable for the wearer in a number of ways:

  • Use specially selected quality tested yarns - ensuring the final product is soft, comfortable to wear, robust and non-itchy when worn.
  • Our patented hairnets feature a double elastic band which spreads the amount of pressure released on to the skin. This removes the risk of leaving any nasty marks on the forehead, whilst still having the necessary recoil and stretch to hold the head of hair.
  • Some of our products also include our StayCool technology which was developed with the University of Bolton. This specially designed yarn transports moisture away from the user’s scalp keeping them cool and comfortable, this same technology is often used in high performance sportswear.
  • Another reason why our products are more comfortable to wear than any of our competitors is our patented fold and hold technology. It works by creating as many contact points as possible along the hair shaft which is key to containing hair. It also recoils to correctly fit any amount, type and style of hair along with any head size or shape. This is essential to containing hair correctly as we are all different.

Many products on the market especially commonly used non-woven mob caps tend to tear due to moisture build up from the heat coming from the head which is unable to escape. This dis-comfort leads to users becoming frustrated resulting in them fidgeting or even removing their head wear - Putting your product at risk.

So this is why comfort is key and to get the best solution for your needs just get in touch and we will advise. We can also come down to your premises and conduct a complimentary full hair containment audit.

The only company to independently performance test products for Hair Containment